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Die 5 besten Klassik-Alben 2020 – mit Kai Germann










From Kai Germann

The author himself had this great idea that the orchestra pit authors write down their best lists of publications from 2020 here. At first I was unsure whether I would even be able to choose, and it is actually not easy. But it’s a lot of fun and I was and still am very excited about the lists of the others. This is where the idea generator himself starts with his 5 best classical albums of 2020.

(Editor’s note)


1. Vasco Dantas – Poetic Scenes

best classical albums 2020

This album is definitely a highlight. Vasco Dantas` recording of Schumann’s Scenes from Children in connection with Portuguese Fados is a masterpiece and absolutely worth listening to. Interpretation, sound and repertoire value deserve a top rating. The fire flickers in the fireplace, a good red wine at hand and the game by Vasco Dantas guarantee a poetic evening. If you are looking for a great classic CD for the Christmas gift table, you can’t go wrong with Vasco Dantas’ “Poetic Scenes”. A piano virtuoso who will hopefully be heard a lot in the future.