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“Top performance and a star on the piano”

For the 75th anniversary, the Collegium Musicum Jülich presented an additional winter concert with the best entertainment. Piano virtuoso Vasco Dantas.

Caption: The star of the winter concert: The audience at this sold-out event was impressed by the Portuguese piano virtuoso Vasco Dantas.

(…) To try out the new sound of the newly renovated Bechstein piano, they brought the star of the evening, the Portuguese pianist Vasco Dantas.

In a symphonic unit with the “Collegium Musicum”, he masterfully played the romantic piano concerto No. 2 in C minor, op. 18 by Sergei Rachmaninoff with constantly growing emotional passages and virtuoso chord sequences – especially in the second movement. Then he was greeted enthusiastically with endless applause.

The star pianist, who is studying at the Münster University of Music, announced his happy encore in German. It was a self-composed birthday song in which the beloved and famous melody of “Happy Birthday to you” came out again and again in a very clever way and was improvised. The Chairman of the Collegium Musicum, Professor Dr. Achenbach said with a wink: “This encore was pretty lively for someone who is 75 years old.”

The audience applauded Vasco Dantas again and in the end he got a beautiful bouquet. (…)

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