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Vasco Dantas is one of the most relevant Portuguese pianists of his generation. Contrary to what seems to be the trend in the medium, he has managed to transport his talent to the international market, building a successful career. Poetic Scenes for Piano (with ARS Produktion label) is already his 3rd record work, a careful selection of repertoire from the German and Portuguese Romantic period, which explores the links between both.

Opening, the pianist offers us a remarkable interpretation of Richard Schumann’s timeless “Children’s Scenes”. In the set of thirteen pieces, we were able to perceive the care at the level of touché to achieve a remarkably precise articulation (crucial in the interpretation of the entire cycle, but very evident for example in the second piece – “Kuriose Geschichte”) and an absolute control of the contrasts timbres of each piece.

Poetic Scenes – Vasco Dantas (ARS Produktion, 2020)