Música: Viagem pela Ibéria e América

Música: Viagem pela Ibéria e América

Tomás Costa (Violino) e Vasco Dantas (Piano) deram um excelente concerto no Schloss Burgau.

Foram oferecidos sons ibero-americanos e o público pôde ouvi-los - baixinho, sussurrou e respirou, mas também com um som intenso.




"Music in the Nest of the Eagles" © Expresso

Marvão International Music Festival - Piano Recital on 07/27/2018 at the Church of Santiago, in Marvão (Portugal)

"... With a splendid performance, the young Portuguese pianist Vasco Dantas (Porto, 1992) performed in a recital filled with the "Preludes" by Debussy and Luís de Freitas Branco, the "Kinderszenen" by Schuman and "Cenas Portuguesas" by Vianna da Motta ... " © Ana Rocha, Jornal Expresso.



Interview to

Interview to "The Orange Letter"

Ana Rocha: Who is Vasco Dantas?  
Vasco Dantas:A simple Portuguese who has been walking around the world to give concerts and show the best Portugal and Portuguese music - in piano. I'm 25 years old, I'm from Porto and it all started when I was 4 years old, very randomly. I had to accompany my father - because he was very little - to some amateur choir rehearsals. He was there "to the dry", to listen to the rehearsals and, the teacher of this choir says, Prof. Jose Manuel Pinheiro, in the intervals, I would go to the piano - there was an electronic keyboard - and began to guess the sounds that they were doing. This maestro says that he did some quick tests, some jokes, and that I had talent and could have had absolute pitch. He advised my father to sign up for the song. From there I went to Valentim de Carvalho, in Porto, and it was where it all began.